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13 Jul 2019

Lunch and Walks at Bingley St Ives

Thank you to all those that braved the warm weather to join Anne and myself today for a roast beef lunch at Bingley St Ives. The company was excellent and the food spot on with proper Yorkshire portions. The Yorkshire pudding was a fluffy 9 inches in diameter which hid the very generous slices of beef underneath. A shame that the fine weather changed to rain by the end of the meal which seemed to bring an end to the planned walk up to Druid’s Altar. Thank you to Terry and Carole for the lift home.
15 Nov 2018
Remembrance Day parade in Ilkley
Remembrance Day parade in Ilkley

Remembrance Day Parade in Ilkley 

 I was proud to lay the wreath of Remembrance on behalf of the Joint Lodges of Ilkley and I thank the brethren for their support on that day to mark the centenary anniversary of the cessation of World War 1. A beautiful day for poignant and sad thoughts of reflection. An event that was well attended by the towns folk of Ilkley, including the Mayor, the Lord Mayor of Bradford, the Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire, many Town Councillors and lots of various Scouting Movements and cadet corps. The musical accompaniment provided by the very capable and talented Wharefedale Squadron Air Trainig Corps band, especially good was their young trumpeter who managed to keep his instrument warm enough to give a brilliant rendition of "Last Post and " Reveille ".

Tom Russell.

17 Oct 2018

To the Lodge of King Arthur:

Boy am I so impressed with my ever so efficient Secretary. To be able to read the minutes of the previous night’s meeting with your breakfast coffee is truly awesome. Brethren, what a wonderful evening you all gave me and my mind is still digesting what really happened. The Ceremony appeared (well apart from my cock-ups) expertly delivered and executed. As far as I can tell the Rep seemed perfectly happy and giving me good advice to boot throughout the evening. You all worked so hard to deliver the perfect Ceremony, it was, and very impressive it was too. The talent within our lodge is fantastic and I was so proud to sit back and watch it all unfold, well, until I was timely reminded by my new IPM to get off my a***  now and again and to actually do something.I will always be in your debt for this great honour that you have given me and I hope that we can all go forward building on our proud achievements. Today has been a day of rest for me but I am so looking forward to starting work properly. We all thank John for delivering an excellent year to us last year, and I very much hope to do the same this year.Brethren, I hope that you all also had a decent rest today as you all have earned it.

My Best Wishes to you all, and thank you,

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally,