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Welcome to the Ilkley Masons

Welcome to the Ilkley Masons


Ilkley Lodges

Lodge of King Arthur No.9311

Lodge of King Arthur meets at the Masonic Hall, Cunliffe Road, Ilkley on the second Friday of March, April, May, September, October, November and December.

Mission Statement


Initially founded as a Round Table Lodge, membership of our Lodge today is not just restricted to members and past members of that organization, though some aspects have been adopted, namely fellowship and a team spirit.

Bob and Jean at a 40's weekend in Pickering
Bob and Jean at a 40's weekend in Pickering

Message from our Secretary 

The motto of Round Table is "Adopt, Adapt, Improve". And here at the Lodge of King Arthur whilst taking our Masonry seriously, we have adopted the lifestyle of Round Table fun loving attitudes and adapted them as best we can to  our Masonic life here in Ilkley. Thus improving our enjoyment of Masonry and life in general.

We are a fraternal organization that meet to improve our love and perception of life whilst still keeping alive the very ancient rituals of Freemasonry. We would love to hear from other like minded citizens with similar attitudes towards the wellbeing of others.

If you are interested in Freemasonry and would like to know more about us then please use the contact form on our websit and we would be very happy to respond. All details we receive are kept in the strictest of confidence for servicing your request and will never be passed on to any third parties.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Greening-Jackson
The Lodge of King Arthur, No 9311.
25th April, 2017.

Lodge of Ben Rhydding No 5138

Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Cunliffe Rd, Ilkley on the third Wednesday of the month between September and May, Ben Rhydding Lodge draws its membership from the whole of Ilkley and Lower Wharfedale and also has members from Harrogate, Shipley, Baildon,Yeadon, and the surrounding area.

Founded in 1929, we are a small, friendly lodge having several long-standing members, but also offering a warm, fraternal, welcome to new members.

From its foundation nearly 90 years ago, in addition to customary masonic principles, the lodge was guided in the direction of study and philosophy and whilst it retains an element of those teachings, now embraces a much wider viewpoint.

Our regular, formal, meetings are held, as mentioned above, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, commencing at 6.45pm which meeting is followed by a semi-formal meal in our lodge rooms. On the Wednesdays that we have no formal meeting, we often meet around 8.00 pm to practice for our next meeting and have an informal get together in the bar.

At formal meetings we use masonic ritual, a series of dramatic "playlets" which illustrate, and seek to inculcate, a high personal standard of ethics, morality, honesty and charity. On occasion, the lodge receives presentations on matters of interest to freemasons generally, particularly masonic history and the charitable activities of the fraternity. Ben Rhydding Lodge is very active in raising money for charity, both masonic and non-masonic. To preserve harmony in the lodge, we do not permit the discussion of politics, business or religion. Friendship and a high regard for each other is very important to us.

From a social point of view, we involve our wives/partners, family and friends in social events such as a Formal Ladies Dinner, Burns Night, a race night,curry evenings, a Christmas evening and a summer BBQ.

If you are a man of 21 years or more, with a belief in a supreme being, (a God), are of good reputation and would like to find out more about freemasonry in general or Ben Rhydding Lodge in particular, please contact us at for an open discussion with no initial obligation.

If you would care to do more research we suggest you go to our Links page

We do hope to hear from you.