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Ilkley Masons

Temporarily closed due to effects of COVID-19

Welcome to the Ilkley Freemasons’ website maintained by Lodge of King Arthur No.9311


The object of this website is to promote freemasonry in Ilkley and offer information on the lodges that meet in Ilkley to members and other interested parties.


Freemasons have met in Ilkley for around 150 years, at a number of venues, but at the beginning of the last century a dedicated masonic hall was built on Cunliffe Road at the rear of the Box Tree Restaurant, where all the masonic groups in Ilkley now meet. Ilkley's central car park is conveniently situated only some 100 metres from our entrance.


There are presently three Craft lodges that meet at Ilkley, which are Lodge of King Arthur, Olicana Lodge and Ben Rhydding Lodge, each of which has their own character, and details of which will eventually appear on the links page.


This year we are celebrating the Tercentenary Year of the United Grand Lodge of England. We are no longer thought of as a secret society, but as in common with other societies we do have our secrets. 

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of the Freemasons movement please go to our Links page or alternatively use our Contacts page to ask us.

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